Kat McGhee

Kat McGhee

For government to work, you have to elect people who want to do the job.
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Flourishing: acting in accordance with virtue - Aristotle


As a project management professional and local leader,
Kat McGhee has the experience to represent your interests in Concord.



As the youngest of three children from a working-class background, I was the first in my family to earn a masters degree and "change my stars."

From paralegal, to technology training consultant, to software program manager, I gained useful skills for the legislature, fiscal management, communication, leadership, and goal-based collaboration.

Blessed with a happy marriage and a grown family, I'd like to devote my next chapter in life to public service in New Hampshire.

Personal Info

  •   (617)791-3166
  •   Hollis, NH 03049


Hollis Democrats Meeting — August 28, 2018
District 40 debate
Click to Watch the Milford District 40 Debate
— October 9, 2018 —
on http://gtm.milford.nh.gov/Cablecast/
Short clip from the Milford District 40 Debate


Can NH lead on Climate Action?

In January I wrote a My Turn piece for the Concord Monitor. It was the result of my decision to work on the subcommittee for HB735 over the summer with prime sponsor and fellow-Science, Technology & Energy Committee member, Lee Oxenham. HB735 is a carbon cash-back program. It seeks to fix the market failure that […]

NH values are Democratic

As a Democrat, I spend my time trying to: fix things, learn things, meet people to hear what they need from me and make a difference for my district. I do not spend time misleading people about the issues or my opponents. It used to be that people would see through that kind of political […]

Year End Wrap Up

A highlight of my first year in Concord was having the opportunity to work with Senator Martha Fuller-Clark, a personal hero of mine. I Chaired a House Subcommittee when SB284, her bill to implement a statewide, online energy platform so customers can measure and manage their solar and renewable energy sources, came over to the […]

State House Update

In my last blog post, I promised to give you an update on what I’ve been working on since heading to the the State House. Some people know that I lead a warrant article effort by writing and conducting training on the issue of Citizen’s United and money in our politics back in 2014. I […]

Property Tax Relief

On the trail with Rep. Donna Mombourquette in New Boston, we heard repeated calls for property tax relief. It would be great if everyone understood that all that tax-cutting at the state level results in a down-shifting to your property tax bill. On February 14th, the House passed HB497 to reinstate a 15% contribution to […]


Who we choose to represent us makes a big difference in what we get out of our government. Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, good decisions about our budgets and our investments can improve your life or hamper your future.

"Privatizing the Public Good" is a choice that reflects a priority of  greed and immediate payback. It pays no mind to the long term stability or progress of our towns and state. Greed as a priority does not serve working families. If a system isn't working, the question becomes whether breaking it completely is an appropriate answer. For me, the answer is a resounding NO. As the world gets more complex, easy answers and old thinking will increasingly miss the mark.

When Government is 'of, by and for the people', it is responsible, practical and forward-facing. So let's start there. You have my promise that I will follow these simple, tried and true principles as your representative. Responsible (with your money), Practical (working across the aisle), Forward-facing (tending to the long-term, so you don't have to worry about it).

We need to fight back together on behalf of democracy, our greatest American asset. We can make a stand right here in New Hampshire. It's not about left and right, it never has been. The best legislatures work together to create solutions.

To save the best of our system we must elect people with the vision to bring greater opportunity and prosperity to New Hampshire and it's people. We can only fix what ails us, one representative at a time.

I am stepping up to be part of the solution, let me be your voice in Concord.

Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, New Boston, you have a choice in November 2018.


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