Month: June 2018

Kat Campigning

Government is Us

Government is having a hard time these days. Our lack of trust in government has eroded our faith in institutions and more importantly, our faith in each other. To recover, we need to remember that government isn’t the enemy; government is us. Big-money, nasty-media, undoing of long-standing rules and stirring political divisions are all part of … Read more

New Hampshire’s Future

Reset the State House Clock Forward¬† John and I have 4 grown children between us and 9 grandchildren ranging from infant to college-age. My husband served as a US air force captain flying on F111’s, and his two eldest children served as Air Force officers, as well. I was a Navy brat, five years old … Read more

Democracy in New Hampshire

Fight to Revive Our Democracy Long established checks and balances have come under unprecedented attack in recent years. I believe we need to elect people who understand how to revive our democracy and who are not beholden to outside groups. Getting the money out of our elections is a good start. But we must also … Read more

Money in Politics

Stop ‘Pay to Play’ politics In recent years, even New Hampshire’s legislature has been infiltrated by outside groups writing their own bills and taking us further from a New Hampshire agenda. Groups like American’s For Prosperity are spending large amounts of money to push national bills that serve their sponsors, i.e. Koch Brothers. ALEC (the … Read more


Enact Family Friendy Policies That is why we need to make workers and families a higher priority. Out-of-state bills like ‘Right to Work’ are threatening to weaken the concept of collective bargaining and safety in the workplace. It is not about saving workers from union dues. It is about weakening a union’s ability to fight … Read more


Strengthen the Healthcare System   Although the law is still in place, the recent federal elimination of the law’s mandate and elimination of funds to help keep costs down, is estimated to increase New Hampshire premiums as much as 60%. The number of people likely to lose insurance is 45,000. So we have another example … Read more

Clean Energy

Gaining the Benefits of Clean Energy  I support clean energy being used for the applications to which they are best suited. I’m opposed to closing New England’s remaining nuclear power plants and converting them to gas because it means a significant uptick in regional emissions. Reliable, clean base-load power is important and until battery storage … Read more

Future-Focused Economy

Build a Future-Focused Economy Who makes these kinds of decisions? People who favor corporate cronyism over settled science. Science has a better track record of predicting outcomes. With so many real threats, it’s no time to swap science for spin. Better leaders mean a better path.