Personal story: My dad served in the navy for 20 years (1944-1964) and he met my mom on a tour of London, where she worked as a supervisor in an aircraft factory during WWII. I have 2 older brothers and from an early age I loved learning in the public school system. Education was my ladder of opportunity to a meaningful career and lifelong learning has led me to personal and professional success.

A self starter, I paid my own way to London on money I earned from jobs I worked during High School. I attended Birkbeck College in England and returned to attend classes at community college and UMass Boston on my way to a Masters degree from Cambridge College. I followed the working class way to a better life, hard work, perseverance and one foot in front of the other!

I married young and my first marriage did not work out. But, I gained the greatest gift of my life, my daughter Megan and the invaluable lesson of independence as a successful single mom. I came to understand that many of our most important lessons are the ones we would not choose. I also learned that it is not being knocked down that defines you, but how you pick yourself up. I never looked back and I am forward-looking to this day.

I married my husband John, a retired air-force officer with a PhD in nuclear engineering, just as he was working to get a small start up off the ground. He made a success of his business since we met in 2000 and today, we are empty nesters with a family consisting of 4 grown children, 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild!

My Hollis history: We moved to Hollis in 2005 for the schools while our youngest was still at home. Although I was working full-time at SkillSoft in Nashua as a software Program Manager, I volunteered to serve on the Hollis Old Home Days Committee in 2007 when they put out the word that they needed new members. I got to use my project management skills and to meet some great member of the Hollis community. That started a string of volunteer roles for me in town.

  • Old Home Days 2007-2012
  • Strawberry Festival Outside Worker Chair/Ways & Means Chair
  • Hollis Woman’s Club member (current)
  • Chair, Hollis Democratic Town Committee
  • Hollis Zoning Board, alternate (current)
  • Chair of Hollis Pipeline Taskforce
  • Member of the NH Pipeline Awareness group
  • Hollis Member, Nashua Regional Planning Commission, Energy Facility Advisory Board
  • New Hampshire State Representative 2018-2020, Science, Technology & Energy Committee (current)

My professional career: I began managing enterprise-wide projects at John Hancock Financial Services during my 20 +year career as a technology training professional in the Technical Education Center (TEC). As a dedicated consultant to the Chief Information Officer of the company, I managed IT organizational development and workforce learning through a competency management program that I led for TEC. I left Hancock when we moved to Hollis, NH in 2005.

  • Lead the development of John Hancock’s Learning Management platform ‘EdSite’ integrating our competency management model
  • Lead the Skills Based Management program for the IT Workforce
  • President, ADAPT 2000-2002 (Association for Development, Advancement & Productivity through Technology Training)
  • Chair, Information Technology Training Conference, Newport, RI 2002-2004
  • Project Management Professional Designation 2004 – present

Program Manager for several international teams at one of the premiere e-learning companies in the world, SkillSoft.

New Hampshire State Representative, 2018-2020, member of Science, Technology & Energy Committee

  • Worked with subcommittees and committees of conference in my first term to facilitate bills on energy, clean water/PFAS help for towns, and raising the net metering cap to aid the NH municipal energy economy.
  • Passed SB284 in the House by collaborating with utilities, the consumer advocate and other energy stakeholders to define a multi-use, statewide, online, energy platform that will enable electric restructuring, roll up various forms of electric data, and support energy efficiency and grid modernization in New Hampshire.
  • Currently working with a large group of stakeholders at the Public Utilities Commission as an intervenor on the implementation of the statewide energy platform, to ensure it meets its full potential.
  • A House member of the Emissions’ Commission – this group is tasked to develop a science-based set of goals for state emissions’ reduction targets for 2030, 2040 and 2050.
  • Taking the knowledge gained during my time leading a community response to the NED pipeline project and my experience at the Nashua Regional Planning Commission to ensure there is a voice at the table for future facing energy decisions. The goal has got to be multi-faceted (think of me as your ‘walk and chew gum’ Representative).
  • It is not enough to say we have only one goal when it comes to energy decisions. It is not a choice between clean solutions, low prices, or reliability. We need all of these for the people of New Hampshire, so it really matters who is working for you in Concord at this critical time. That is the lane I have worked for and I hope you will trust me to return to my job with the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee.