My Promise

My Promise

Who we choose to represent us make a big difference in what we get out of our government. Whether you are Republican, Democratic, or Independent, good decisions about our budgets and our investments can improve your life or hamper your future.

“Privatizing the Public Good” is a choice that reflects a priority of immediate greed. It pays no mind to the long term stability or progress of our towns and state. American greatness is related to its being a land of opportunity. That picture is fading in the eyes of our children and it is totally within our grasp to fix what has been broken. Greed as a priority does not serve working families. If a system isn’t working the question becomes whether breaking it completely is an appropriate answer. For me, the answer is a resounding NO. As the world gets more complex, easy answers will increasingly miss the mark.

When Government is ‘of, by and for the people’, it is responsible, practical and forward-facing. So let’s start there. You have my promise that I will follow these simple, tried and true principles as your representative. I’ll be: Responsible (with your money), Practical (working across the aisle), Forward-facing (tending to the long-term, so you don’t have to worry about it).

We need to fight back together on behalf of democracy, our greatest American asset. We can make a stand right here in New Hampshire. Its not about left and right, it never has been. The best legislatures work together to create solutions and I continue to work on good bills, regardless of party or credit.

To save the best of our system we must elect people with the vision to bring greater opportunity and prosperity to New Hampshire and it’s people. There are far too many people in our legislature who have an agenda of breaking New Hampshire’s system of government. 

I am stepping up to be part of the solution, let me continue to be your voice in Concord.