Kat McGhee


Wendy Thomas

It is an honor to work alongside Kat McGhee at the State House. She is a tireless advocate for protecting the environment, protecting worker’s rights, and for fully funding our educational system. She constantly listens to and advocates for the needs of her constituents. Kat is a force to be reckoned with and will always … Read more


Michael Mabee

I know that many times as citizens, we can feel that our voices are not heard by our government. In my activities to help secure the grid, I have written far more letters and emails to the government that have gone unanswered than answered. This issue is a perfect example. After FERC opened the transparency … Read more


Rosemarie Rung

As a member of the NH House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee, Representative McGhee has been instrumental in elevating the need for sound and strategic energy legislation. Her colleagues in the NH House, including me, have greatly benefited from her ability to effectively communicate complex technical aspects of a bill as it is presented for … Read more


Richard Husband

I have known Kat for a little over five years, dating back to our opposition of the NED pipeline project. Her complete toolbox of knowledge on the issues, her vision and voice made her an important leader in that successful fight for homeowner and community rights; the education we received from NED turned her into … Read more


Patti Tures

Kat is passionate about public service and supporting her constituents. For years, she has worked tirelessly for a statewide energy platform. As soon as she was elected, she jumped in and took a leadership role on Science, Technology, and Energy Committee. We need Kat to continue to do this work for the people of NH! … Read more


John Gage

Representative McGhee consistently demonstrates the qualities we need from our New Hampshire leaders in these difficult times. She focuses on the big issues, listens to all sides, and pays attention to the experts in science, economics, and policy. She also engages and empowers everyday citizens by listening to their concerns and helping them get involved … Read more


Timothy T. Egan

During the last two years, not only have I been able to see Kat engage and communicate with legislators from both sides of the aisle on key issues the impact the state of NH, but she always does it with grace and poise. I’m eager to work with her more politically and professionally, as she’s … Read more


Patricia Martin

Kat, I want to express my gratitude for the incredible talent, intelligence and value you bring to the House’s Science Technology & Energy Committee. I first met you back when we were both organizing against the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline. I was so impressed by your thoughtful and incisive comments before the project developers and … Read more


Nikhil Balakumar

Representative McGhee is a ‘once in a generation legislator’ who relentlessly works to understand and tackle key issues at a depth rarely seen by those of us in the energy industry. Already a proven, unifying force in local energy policy – her humility, technical expertise and infectious optimism will benefit New Hampshire residents for years … Read more


Peter Petrigno

There have been times that I have asked Kat to assist me with constituent concerns and requests. No sooner then I have completed making my related phone calls, I’ve discovered that Kat has already taken care of the matter. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated legislators I’ve had the honor to … Read more