NH Energy isn’t complicated

In 2009, Governor Lynch asked the Office of Energy Planning to create Climate Action Plan, to protect citizens, the economy, property and the environment, going forward. That plan was based on science and economics and it gave us a roadmap for minimizing the worst predicted economic and environmental outcomes. In 1997, NH was the first […]

10-year Strategic Energy Report

Public Comments of Representative Kat McGheeHouse Science, Technology & Energy – June 23, 2021 Stakeholder comments from around the state will include earnest reviews of prior strategic energy reports and climate action plans. They will chronicle all aspects of a modern renewable energy portfolio with recommendations for charting a course forward on specific technologies like: […]

The Socialist threat?

On a recent Saturday in August 2021, I read a social media post from my colleague Rep. Sue Mullen of Bedford. Sue was out doing visibility for an upcoming special election for exactly the kind of candidate any town would be proud to have for their State Representative. Catherine Rombeau. (As I post this, I […]

What’s up in Concord?

It’s budget season and I thought this update should be focused on what we’re seeing in terms of GOP policy priorities and budget proposals. Much to my dismay, we are seeing the return of tired policies that do nothing to improve New Hampshire or move her forward. For example, a spate of bills increasing gun […]

Truth or Dare

As the year comes to an end, I can only reflect that in the past 4 years, we’ve learned the truth that everything old is new again. As a country, we believed we were too advanced to succumb to group-think, or to con-man techniques like deflection, distraction and repetition; certainly knowing our neighbors would shield […]

Fear and Change

No matter what we do, we have to adapt to the changes of our time. This is a picture of our granddaughter proudly wearing a mask I made this spring. We were on zoom when she saw me showing her mom kids’ masks I was sewing and she said, “I want one!” How well we […]

Primary Win! THANK YOU!

First and foremost, thanks so much for your support. I spent the long weekend before the primary writing answers to the questions of attorneys from the Public Utilities’ Commission, Eversource and Unitil on the statewide, online energy data platform were trying to build to enhance energy efficiency and planning efforts for the state of New […]

Re-Elect Kat McGhee

With the June 2020 filing period just ended, I’m announcing that I am running for re-election as a New Hampshire State Representative. I filed in Hillsborough 27 this year, a change from the floterial district in which I ran in 2016 and served from 2018 until present. It was a tough decision to change my […]

Best laid plans…Covid19

Well, we all had plans for spring 2020 and beyond. But, unlike all the years before in all our collective life-experience, this year the long-anticipated global pandemic decided to sideline life for an indeterminate period of time. How are we handling our new found permanent weekends? Well, it’s a jumble of adaptation, anxiety, and reengaging […]

Can NH lead on Climate Action?

In January I wrote a My Turn piece for the Concord Monitor. It was the result of my decision to work on the subcommittee for HB735 over the summer with prime sponsor and fellow-Science, Technology & Energy Committee member, Lee Oxenham. HB735 is a carbon cash-back program. It seeks to fix the market failure that […]