Democracy in New Hampshire

Key Issues

Fight to Revive Our Democracy

  • Long established checks and balances have come under unprecedented attack in recent years. I believe we need to elect people who understand how to revive our democracy and who are not beholden to outside groups. Getting the money out of our elections is a good start. But we must also act in good faith in Concord in order to restore trust in government, from the bottom up.
  • We need honesty, integrity and a willingness to learn what works and what ails us, in order to find better solutions. Its not good enough to play politics-as-usual. We deserve better.

In the 2019 session, the legislature passed a bill calling for an independent districting commission when the 10 year planning cycle comes around again next year (2021). Its a way to create fair districts that do not advantage one side or the other. Without such a commission, the political party in the majority, draws the districts. The bill was vetoed by Governor Sununu with a veto message that in effect accused the commission of being a partisan, bureaucratic body. When that is who will be doing the redistricting without this reform! When I explain the kinds of foolishness we see in politics up close, they ask how I’m not cynical. But, I’ve always believed that good comes from optimism, not cynicism. So I choose to fight the good fight and leave cynicism to those better suited to it.  

Since I passed the warrant article in 2014 to agree that New Hampshire wanted to Get the Money Out of Politics, I have been working in Concord to preserve the transparency and integrity of our democracy. Let me serve the town of Hollis to helps us keep our democracy and the common good going.