Democracy in New Hampshire

Fight to Revive Our Democracy

  • Long established checks and balances have come under unprecedented attack in recent years. I believe we need to elect people who understand how to revive our democracy and who are not beholden to outside groups. Getting the money out of our elections is a good start. But we must also act in good faith in Concord in order to restore trust in government, from the bottom up.
  • We need honesty, integrity and a willingness to learn what works and what ails us, in order to find better solutions. Its not good enough to play politics-as-usual. We deserve better.

In my race, I seek to unseat a Free State Project candidate. He moved to New Hampshire after taking a pledge to get elected in order to run state government into the ground. The pledge says he will do everything in his power to eliminate all government short of protection for life, liberty, and property. He is opposed to public schools, even though he followed the Free State Project playbook and joined the school board as soon as he moved to New Boston (although he has no kids).

My opponent’s group, the Free State Project, picked New Hampshire to take over because we have a libertarian streak and words like liberty and freedom work well here. But make no mistake, the Free State Project is serving its own goal to secede from the United States; I personally am willing stand up to preserve my nation, not retreat when we seem to be losing our way.

There are so many threats to our communities these days that it is hard to keep up. Let me serve the towns of District 40 to bring back stability and solutions.