Key Issues

Enact Family Friendy Policies

  • I’m in favor of solving the actual problems in our state. One of them is our aging population and our inability to attract younger families to locate here and assume the jobs of the future.

That is why we need to make workers and families a higher priority. Out-of-state bills like ‘Right to Work’ are threatening to weaken the concept of collective bargaining and safety in the workplace. It is not about saving workers from union dues. It is about weakening a union’s ability to fight back when big companies want to take advantage of employees. Unions contribute to a healthy economy by protecting the rights of individuals. Healthy union states have higher wages even for non-union jobs. competitive wages drive businesses and promote job growth. or as my husband says, ‘You can save a lot of money in business if you close the doors. But it won’t have the desired effect.’

  • It is time we worked on 21st century family issues like single parent households, family leave policies, and the work/life balance that contributes to the overall health of our communities.

Paid leave, daycare cost-sharing and paid vacations help families balance their obligations to work and family. Full-day kindergarten and/after school programs also support the 21st century reality of the two-working-parents household. A living wage promotes greater security and higher productivity. As we continue to cut the benefits of workers and refuse to pass a living minimum wage, we reinforce a race to the bottom.