Fiscal Management

Key Issues

Reclaim the Mantle of Fiscal Management 

  • To manage money well, you first have to identify goals and priorities. The Republican majority in Concord (and in Washington) use ‘the red queen effect’ to stay in power. They make everyone run as fast as they can, just to stay in place. By threatening working programs and eliminating budget items without justification, they halt economic momentum and create chaos no business would ever permit.
  • Community leaders spend their time fighting Concord in hearings where we should be debating progress, not loss of ground.
  • Teachers, police, social workers, fire fighters, environmentalists and community-based special interests are all testifying regularly in order to prevent the loss of essential New Hampshire services. Why are we fighting each other? We can maintain a lean budget without eliminating essential services in our communities. Republican budgets are penny-wise and pound foolish; they sacrifice the long-term welfare of the state for short-term cuts that keep them in power. Our taxes are not a game. We can do better.