Money in Politics

Key Issues

Stop ‘Pay to Play’ politics

  • Probably the biggest driver of ineffective laws is the effect of money on our legislatures.

In recent years, even New Hampshire’s legislature has been infiltrated by outside groups writing their own bills and taking us further from a New Hampshire agenda. Groups like American’s For Prosperity are spending large amounts of money to push national bills that serve their sponsors, i.e. Koch Brothers. ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) is another organization founded to design bills that are introduced in many states at once – to change the legal landscape on everything from ‘School Choice’, to ‘Stand your Ground’, to ‘Right to Work’.

We can protect New Hampshire from outside influence through our campaign laws. The influence of outside lobbyists gum up our local decisions here in the Granite State and further aggravates the artificial income gap that pushes more middle and working class families into financial distress.