New Hampshire’s Future

Reset the State House Clock Forward 

John and I have 4 grown children between us and 9 grandchildren ranging from infant to college-age. My husband served as a US air force captain flying on F111’s, and his two eldest children served as Air Force officers, as well. I was a Navy brat, five years old when my dad finished 20 years of service. We understand US values and US history and we are concerned with the regressive movement that has co-opted our political system. We’re witnessing the erosion of long-tested American principles that strengthen democratic liberty and the happiness of personal freedoms.

Seeing current legislatures around the nation presenting bill after bill to prevent women’s legal access to reproductive healthcare is incredibly disappointing. Its a desperate stab against modernity, ignoring the facts that access to birth control and sex education lower abortion rates. Why would we prefer to see women go back to desperation and quackery? This coordinated assault on a woman’s right to make their own decisions on personal matters is ideological; it betrays a regressive longing to put women back in their place and recreate problems that were fixed by Roe v. Wade. The founders designed the separation of church and state with good reason, and yet there is a major push to redefine us as nation governed by religious fundamentalism. Religious freedom is a right, but imposing one religion on everyone is the opposite of freedom. Women can be trusted to make their own healthcare decisions without imposition from government or church.

We’re having a similar rebound on racial justice. Hate crimes are up. People who have felt part of America for decades, and are citizens who love this country, are being victimized because of how they look. This turning away from acceptance of cultural and religious difference is also unAmerican. It does not uphold our founding principles of justice, fairness and equality. We are a nation of immigrants. It is easy to sow seeds of hate. But hatred cannot create a world of which our children will be proud.

We cannot create a bright future if we keep entrusting decisions to those whose only vision is of a past that is gone. The future may be scary, but electing representatives with good judgment, good sense and personal integrity can set us on a course that helps people feel more secure about the world we are building. I believe it is our duty to set an example, tackle the real issues, and stop playing politics with people’s lives.

I am not expecting to change the world by being your state Rep. But I do expect to help pass laws that let you continue to love the place you live and the way it is working.