Patricia Martin



Kat, I want to express my gratitude for the incredible talent, intelligence and value you bring to the House’s Science Technology & Energy Committee.

I first met you back when we were both organizing against the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline. I was so impressed by your thoughtful and incisive comments before the project developers and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission!

I was not at all surprised to see you elected to the NH House and appointed to ST&E.

Through the years, our paths have continued to cross as we each advocate for a clean energy future and a livable planet for our children and grandchildren. Although you represent Hollis, you made time to attend a Mothers Out Front presentation on the Granite Bridge pipeline in Peterborough last year! I was so delighted to see you walk through the door and so appreciated your great comments and contributions to the discussion that night.

Best of luck on your campaign and thank you so much for the yeoman’s work you’ve been doing on grid modernization and the statewide energy data platform at the Public Utilities Commission!
I am a big fan!

— — Patricia Martin