Public Education

Key Issues

Properly Fund Public Education 

  • In the current session, a dangerous bill to divert funds from public education (HB193) is being pushed hard by DeVos-style, anti-school administrators put in place by Governor Sununu. The current administration is in favor of using our tax dollars to fund vouchers for private schools, religious schools and home schooling, while our classrooms are already unable to fund simple school supplies.
  • This theft of dollars away from public education is another example of the downshifting of state obligations to local taxpayers. Breaking our schools serves no one and creates a hit to local economies already stretched thin. The worst economic hits are to jobs, new business and property values. We’ll also lose the best and brightest teachers and students as we weaken the system. Strong schools are essential to our economy and our communities. If government does not support public schools, they are handicapping our country’s future. ‘School choice’ is a slogan designed to mask a sinister effort to derail New Hampshire’s universal commitment to educate kids, our most precious resource.