Samuel Golding


Samuel Golding

Kat has been going ‘above and beyond’ to democratize and modernize New Hampshire’s electricity market.

Last year, she co-sponsored Senate Bill 284 to create a Statewide Data Platform. Streamlining access to our energy data is a big, structural change: it removes a major barrier to decarbonization and the growth of the competitive energy market for homes, small businesses and communities.

The blunt truth is that the monopoly utilities have opposed this from the get-go — and are perfectly happy to derail progress by throwing their weight around at the Public Utilities Commission. To see the vision through to reality, Kat stepped forward to volunteer as member of our Local Government Coalition. It’s been a big lift: she’s participated in over 8 six-hour technical workshops and written page after page of regulatory testimony in the process. What it’s shown me is that Kat brings a unique combination of technical knowledge, ‘big picture’ vision, enthusiasm, and common sense pragmatism that is invaluable.

Kat is a real leader, and she really is dedicated to building consensus while representing the interests of all Granite Staters!

— — Samuel Golding
Community Choice Partners, Inc.