Responsible State Budgets

Key Issues

Pass Responsible State Budgets 

  • The Republican majority in Concord has opted to reduce dedicated funds, like the Alcohol fund from its mandated in half so they can claim to be cutting taxes. The bottom line here is the are cutting revenue. These funds are used for prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Why lower this revenue stream with the opiod crisis at its peak?
  • Republicans are also reneging on prior state obligations, like changing the state contribution toward public employees from 35% to zero. Cutting state budgets downshifts mandatory costs to local taxes. This is not fiscal responsibility, its voodoo economics and its time we stopped taking their word that they actually know how to run the state or the country. Democrats tax and spend, just like Republicans do, because that is the job.  You get more for your money when Democrats control government.
  • Responsible governance is not ‘live for today’ and disregard tomorrow.  In fact, the best argument for a representative government is that we are worrying about the long term, so you don’t have to worry. Government is guilty of ignoring the future in favor of power, profits and the next election cycle. We need to elect independent citizens to stop this broken system. I’m a democrat because I believe in progress. But I am a citizen first.